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•  I can only find example For Sale and For Rent listings. Why aren't there any real listings?

We know that many people use the floorplans functionality of the site, so we made that our Stage 1 release. We are developing the For Sale/For Rent listings functionality at present and this will be our Stage 2 release.

In the meantime, we have added examples to show how listings will work.


•  How do I put a listing on your site?

Adding listings will be part of our Stage 2 release.


•  Do you accept private listings?

Yes, we will accept private listings when we do our Stage 2 release.


•  Why can’t I log in to the site?

Registration is restricted until we release Stage 2 of the website.


•  Can I advertise on your site?

Yes, we accept advertisements. For information re advertising on HighProfiles please contact us here.


•  Why doesn't HighProfiles list apartment blocks with less than 4 levels?

We needed to draw the line between the many 2-3 level blocks of units/flats and true apartment buildings, so 4 levels it is.
However, some apartment complexes include buildings of 1, 2 and 3 levels.
HighProfiles may include buildings under 4 levels, at our discretion. If you think a building under 4 levels qualifies as apartments, please let us know and we will see if it meets our criteria.


•  Why aren’t the floorplans available for some buildings?

We have to wait until floorplans for new buildings become publicly available. This can be quite some time after completion of the building.


•  Some of the building pages don’t show all the facilities.

This information can be difficult to gather and often changes. Please let us know of any facilities we have missed, or any that are incorrect – contact us here.


•  I saw a mistake on your site.

Things change. People put in extra bathrooms or bedrooms (or take them out), buy or sell carparks, hook up to wifi or fibre. This type of information is usually not available until an apartment is sold. But we want HighProfiles to be as accurate as possible, so please contact us here and let us know about anything you notice that is incorrect or missing. We value your input.


•  There are apartment buildings missing from your site.

We have tried to include all the apartment buildings in Central Auckland (postcode 1010). However, there are so many that some may have slipped through the cracks when we searched, so let us know about any building you think we should list. Please contact us here with the name and address of the building.


•  Will you list apartments in other areas of Auckland?

Yes we will. Our Stage 1 release only lists apartments in the Auckland 1010 postcode, but we plan to profile all apartment buildings in greater Auckland. We will introduce the other areas one by one according to postcodes.


•  How do I contact a Building Manager?

Sorry, we don’t hold any contact details for Building Managers.